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How to promote your undergraduate programs in China Higher Education

We recently hosted an insightful webinar titled "Do You Need to Be on All Chinese Platforms for Your School to Be Known by Potential Chinese Students?" and we are excited to announce that the webinar replay is now available for you to watch!
If you're an International Higher Institution with a focus on recruiting Chinese undergraduate students, this webinar is a valuable resource that provides key insights into the Chinese higher education market and the role of social media in marketing your institution.
Leverage Social Media to promote your undergraduate programs in China Higher Education

Webinar Chapters:

Overview of the Higher Education Market in China:

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese higher education landscape, including market trends, challenges, and opportunities when recruiting Chinese undergraduate students.

  1. The Importance of Social Media and Digital Platforms in China: Explore the significance of social media in higher education marketing. Learn about the power and reach of various digital platforms available in China and how they can elevate your institution's visibility among potential Chinese students.

  2. Do You Need to Be on Every Social Media as a Higher Education Institution?: Understand the importance of a strategic approach to social media presence. Discover which social media platforms are most effective for connecting with your target audience, and learn how to prioritize and optimize your presence on these platforms.

  3. How to Use Social Media to Recruit Students: Delve into practical strategies for leveraging social media to attract and recruit prospective Chinese students. Learn about effective content creation, engagement techniques, and communication strategies that will help you successfully engage with your target audience.

Watch the Webinar Replay: To access the webinar replay and benefit from this valuable knowledge, simply fill out the form below:

Don't miss this opportunity to equip your institution with the tools needed to connect with potential Chinese students effectively. Access the webinar replay and unlock the potential of the Chinese higher education market.

We invite you to watch the webinar replay and join us on this exciting journey towards success in the Chinese higher education landscape.

We look forward to having you benefit from the valuable insights shared in the webinar.


Webinar replay