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Customer Journey – Your magic customer-winning formula

Marketing in China can be both thrilling and daunting. So many possibilities to succeed, stumble or fail. Maybe you are new to it and can't wait to explore the future of your brands and products in China but are unsure where to start. Maybe you've done it before and, despite being disappointed, you still feel quizzical and want to give it another go.

When it comes to marketing in China, we understand your excitement, confusion, frustration, and any other emotions you may be experiencing. We know because we've been there.

We have helped many other brands launch in China, whether it was their first or nth attempt. We’ve done it successfully though it took lots of effort (sweat, tears, stamina, adaptability and originality). From this experience, we have created an effective framework to support your market entry or brand relaunch in China.

Social media can be overwhelming.

Social media has become a huge part of our lives. We use it for staying in touch with friends and family, getting information about products we want to buy, services we need and even events we would like to attend.

Social media is also one of the most important aspects of a business. It helps brands connect with their customers and build their brand image. As a brand, you need to know how customers interact with your brand on different social media platforms. But there are so many social media out there. (China even has five times more platforms!) How can you possibly keep up with them all?


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It can be overwhelming to know which social media are for your brand. Also, it’s not just about having a presence on social media. You need to know how your customers are interacting with your brand on each platform and tailor your messaging accordingly. It’s about creating an experience that builds trust and loyalty over time, which leads to greater sales opportunities down the line.


The Chinese market is a unique beast.

China has one of the largest markets in the world, but it also has its own way of running things.

The Chinese social media landscape is much different than in the West. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to social media marketing. While there can be some "must-have" social media, there isn't one magic formula that can be applied to all brands. A good example is WeChat — it's a must for many businesses in China because it's the most powerful super app in the country. However, this doesn't mean that brands should only focus on WeChat and ignore other platforms like Douyin and Xiaohongshu.

In China, the consumers are different as well. It’s easy to think of Chinese consumers as homogeneous, but they are actually very diverse. The differences between the country’s different regions — from Beijing to Guangzhou — can be just as significant as those between countries like Japan and France.

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In order to understand how best to target Chinese consumers, brands need to understand their customers on an individual level and their customer journeys. Brands need to know who their target audience is on each platform, what type of content they should post on each platform, and how they can improve their performance on these platforms.

This is where the customer journey map comes in handy: They empower you to reach each persona at the right time, on the right platform with the right message and for the right reason.

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The customer journey map to create your customer-winning magic formula        

The customer journey is a critical component of every marketing strategy. A customer journey is a tool that helps you identify your target customers, their needs, and the steps they take on their path to purchase.

It helps you understand how people interact with your brand and the social media platforms they use. It also enables you to determine how often they engage with your brand, how frequently they do so, and what types of messages resonate with them.

You can use it to understand what motivates people to buy from you, identify gaps where customers drop off in their path to purchase and map out an optimal experience for each persona that will help guide your marketing strategy.

A customer journey map will allow you to take a step back and look at the big picture. It's a chance to see how all your channels fit together, and where the holes are in your strategy.

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If you are looking to market to Chinese customers, chances are you will benefit from a customer journey. It can help you target your audience in the right place at the right time in their buying cycle.

Contact Duhno today to create YOUR magic customer-winning formula.



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