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Digital footprint for a killer China digital marketing strategy

Marketing in China can be both thrilling and daunting. So many possibilities to succeed, stumble or fail. Maybe you are new to it and can't wait to explore the future of your brands and products in China but are unsure where to start. Maybe you've done it before and, despite being disappointed, you still feel quizzical and want to give it another go.

Guide to launching your brand in China

When it comes to marketing in China, we understand your excitement, confusion, frustration, and any other emotions you may be experiencing. We know because we've been there.

We have helped many other brands launch in China, whether it was their first or nth attempt. We’ve done it successfully though it took lots of effort (sweat, tears, stamina, adaptability and originality). From this experience, we have created an effective framework to support your market entry or brand relaunch in China.


Brands must have a killer digital strategy for China.

China is home to the largest online community in the world. According to estimates, China boasts nearly 1 billion internet users (more than 70% of its population) and 98% are mobile. China is also the world's second-largest digital economy and leads the world in the value of many digital applications. China is reshaping the internet and e-commerce we once knew at a staggering rate.



The fast-evolving digital ecosystems

China has one of the world’s fastest evolving digital ecosystems. The galaxy of apps and social media platforms is complex and vast. In the west, marketing and interacting with consumers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the newcomer TikTok is the norm. However, the social media landscape in China is completely different.



China has not only five times more platforms but also many more advanced features unknown to people living outside China. For example, most Chinese social media platforms are building a closed-looped ecosystem to convert users directly into sales within the platform, a practice that other international apps are taking notes of.

The Chinese social media landscape is also rather dynamic – platforms rise and fall on a very fast timescale. The Chinese metaverse social network Jelly (啫喱) went from the most popular IOS app to taking itself off the app store within one month of launch.

Everything happens fast here. Brands looking to build their presence in China need to keep a close eye on what's happening with the digital landscape and how it may affect their business.



It’s easy to get lost or buried in the millions of options.

Brands wishing to establish their market in China undoubtedly need to maintain an online presence. But given China's comprehensive digital landscape, it's expensive, time-consuming and not at all necessary (or even possible) to be everywhere. You could invest lots of time and money on a 'whole' online presence and still wonder why nothing is happening

Yet being online is necessary; the key is to be on the relevant platforms. Your brand must be where it matters (i.e., where your customers are, where you will get conversions and ROI, etc.) Brands need to identify the platforms relevant to their industry and consumers. Then own your territory with customized strategies, such as SEO keywords, influencer marketing etc. But all this can be an overwhelming challenge for international brands who aren't familiar with the local market, customer segmentation and culture.

There is where we come in.

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DFP to equip you with the right knowledge for China

You can trust Duhno to be your China expert!

At Duhno, we help brands acquire valuable market information, undertake comprehensive market research, develop appropriate entry strategies to China, establish social media channels and cultivate a solid digital presence in China.

The Digital Footprint workshop (which can be built from scratch or improved) is a tool we use to support brands' launches in China.

A brand's digital footprint is the digital trail the brand leaves on the internet. This includes everything from content you've created and published on your website and social media to comments and reviews posted by your consumers. Your digital footprint is the complete online representation of your brand, and it needs to be prioritized in a successful digital marketing strategy.

In the workshop, we will help you understand the China digital ecosystems, especially those relevant to your industry. We will help you understand the industry standards and how your competitors are doing and ensure your brand's share of voice not only exists but also keeps growing.

Whether you are taking your first steps/attempts in China Digital Marketing or wanting to pivot your marketing strategy for a more performing approach, we are here to help.

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