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Webinar Replay: Marketing Strategy for Chinese brands entering Europe

Guillaume Doki-Thonon from Reech

Guilhem Vacher and Antoni Marcovici from La Concorde Paris

And Benoit Raoult from Duhno Marketing

Our experts share their experience and knowledge at working with Chinese brands.


Many Western brands see China as the big market of business opportunities, but the opposite also exists. More and more Chinese brands want to export their local manufactured products in Europe. We can no longer see China as the "cheap manufacturer of the world", China is now coming with High-tech and innovative products that are already appealing a large population in Europe.
From marketing campaign actiation to influencer marketing, listen to our Influencer and Advertising experts who have worked with Chinese brands such as Oppo, Xpeng or One plus.
In our panel discussion, we will debate about the following questions:
- Is a dedicated European brand strategy mandatory – different from the Chinese/global one?
- What is the key to differentiating oneself as a Chinese brand in Europe?
- What are the challenges specific to launching a new Chinese brand in different European countries?



REECH is a company specialised in Influence Marketing.

Reech is a solution, which professionalizes and optimizes exchanges between influencers and advertisers (brands and agencies).

Reech enables advertisers to find their ideal communication channel, and influencers to increase their visibility, while monetizing their influence (reach) by promoting brands that they like. The platform is built on 4 pillars: an intuitive search engine, advanced matching, pre-negotiated partnerships, and a detailed KPIs.

Since 2021, Reech is a subsidiary of Dékuple (formerly ADLPerformance)

La Concorde Paris:


LA CONCORDE is a fresh global advertising agency from TV to TikTok.

Four associates, four expertise: Strategy, Tech, Design and Copywriting, all on the same level, a perfect balance to create bespoke and relevant solutions for our clients.

We are craft driven, we’re imagining, creating, and producing for our clients while pushing the limits.


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webinar replay

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