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Webinar replay: How Data Can Make China E-Commerce Easier?

Replay the Webinar with our 2 experts:

  • Benoit RAOULT (CEO/Founder at Duhno Marketing)
  • Alexandra YAO (CEO/Founder at Coolbeans)

How Data Can Make China E-Commerce Easier?

From our webinar series "Common Mistakes When Partnering with a TP", Duhno is organizing a series of 3 webinars each time with a different partner.

This time, we had the pleasure to welcome Alexandra Yao from Coolbeans to discuss how data can make China E-Commerce easier.

Companies intro:

Picture1-Sep-28-2022-10-17-03-05-AMCoolbeans helps European ethical and sustainable brands 🇪🇺🌿 to sell online in China 🇨🇳🛒. We help you to 1. Decode cultural differences, 2. Understand the market with data, 3. Choose the right partners and 4. Control your brand’s image.💪 We are currently working with a startup of #FrenchTech Next40 🐓 to develop their Chinese digital market. Coolbeans is incubated by #1kubator here in Nantes 🐘, who’s helping us to develop our #MVP.


duhno logo horizontal

Duhno Makes Marketing Made Measurable. We support small but ambitious teams in China, with growth consulting and marketing operations. We accompany brands aiming to reach 10M euros annual turnover on the Chinese market. We execute marketing with a ‘process + proof + result’ driven approach. We build long lasting assets, and not just visibility and traffic. We are tuned with the latest trends to deliver one-step-ahead strategies. We believe in glocal marketing; thus, we are localized in Shanghai, Shenzhen, soon Chengdu. We don’t sell marketing services, we provide reassurance to your Business in China.


Why you should have a look at our webinar ?

We demistified the most frequently asked questions when we meet brands that work with a TP in China:

  •  How would you compose a winning team to manage a brand in China
  • Among all the TPs available on Alibaba, how to select the right one?”
  • How to challenge your TP’s P&L?
  • What kind of reporting are you asking from TPs?​
  • My TP drives sales only by Livestreaming's, ROI is good but KOLs are also not cheap, is it the right action to do?
  • Following your TP’s performance, what kind of actions could you advise to do?

Watch our webinar replay, get precious insights and accelerate your success in China !

how data can make china ecommerce easierClick on the image to watch the webinar replay