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Webinar Replay - How to Audit your TP's performance

Replay the Webinar with our 2 experts:

  • Benoit RAOULT (CEO/Founder at Duhno Marketing)
  • Daphne TUIJN (CEO/Co-Founder at Chaoly)

How to audit your TP's performance

From our webinar series "Common Mistakes When Partnering with a TP", Duhno is organizing a series of 3 webinars each time with a different partner.

This time, we had the pleasure to welcome Daphne Tuijn from Chaoly to discuss with how to audit TPs' performance on E-Commerce platforms

Why you should have a look at our webinar ?

We demistified the most frequently asked questions when we meet brands that work with a TP in China:

- What are the metrics to look at when evaluating your ecommerce performance?

- Why is your TP asking you to open a new platform? Is the more the best?  

- I am disappointed in the sales result of my TP. What can I do?

- Should I build my in-house ecommerce team VS hiring a TP?​


Watch our webinar replay, learn the Do's and Don'ts and accelerate your sales in China.

flyer chaoly - DuhnoClick on the image to watch the webinar replay