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Webinar Replay - How to Improve TPs' Performance on Social Media

Replay the Webinar with our 2 experts:

  • Benoit RAOULT (CEO/Founder of Duhno Marketing)
  • Alex DUNCAN (Co-Founder/Product Lead of KAWO)

Common Mistakes When Partnering with a TP

From our webinar series "Common Mistakes When Partnering with a TP", Duhno is organizing a series of 3 webinars each time with a different partner.

Last week we had the pleasure to welcome Alex Duncan from KAWO to discuss with us how to improve TPs' performance on Social Media.

Why you should have a look at our webinar ?

China eCommerce market is one of the biggest worldwide and projected to reach US$1,626.00bn by 2025.

Many western companies desperately want to expand into China; however, the country “remains an elusive market, and many failed.

It is difficult to navigate the market without a thoughtfully constructed growth strategy. It is crucial to understand factors like Chinese social media, e-commerce partners, cultures, geography etc.

Watch our webinar replay, learn mistakes to avoid and accelerate your sales in China.

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