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Webinar Replay - Metaverses: Myths and realities

Replay the Metaverses Webinar with our 2 experts:

  • Benoit RAOULT (CEO/Founder of Duhno Marketing)
  • Stéphane MONSALLIER (CEO/Founder of System in Motion)

"Metaverse" is an ill defined concept that created a lot of buzz.  Some companies are trying to catch the train before it leaves the station, but where is it going ?  Should companies get on as early as possible or wait for the dust to settle ?

In this webinar, Metaverses: myths and realities, our 2 experts discuss:

  • What are the metaverses and what are the most important key concepts
  • Insights about real current metaverses experiences 
  • Analyses of the viability of the current business models and their current opportunities.

This webinar does not require any prior knowledge of blockchain, digital currenciesm or NFT. This discussion aims at explaining, in business terms, what are the potential opportunities of these new technologies.


The speakers for this webinar are Benoit Raoult, CEO and Founder of Duhno marketing and Stéphane Monsallier, CEO and Founder of System in motion


You can download a copy of the slide deck presented, as well as watch the replay of the webinar below:


Download webinar slides "metaverves: myths and realities"