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Webinar Replay - Persona Workshop for Higher Education in China

Persona Workshop replay

Persona workshop for Higher Education professionals targeting Chinese Students

When was the last time you invested moment and effort to understand your student persona(s) from top to bottom ?


Student personas are the “buyer persona” in Higher Education, a semi-fictional representation of your ideal student applicant. This representation is constructed as a profile based on real data and research.


To run a successful recruitment campaign, you need to identify overall trends in your enrollment numbers. In order to target your future students, you need to understand who your current students are.

Student personas play a huge role in your recruitment strategy — by simplifying the types of students that keep your numbers strong, you can target more of them.   

93% of businesses who exceed leads and revenue goals segment their

database by persona (MarketingInsiderGroup)           


Watch our webinar replay and get ready to welcome Chinese student for 2023-2024 school year webinar replay

Light Blue White Professional Gradients User Persona User Persona PresentationClick on the image to watch the replay

Download the deck presentation