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The Chinese Perspective

trillion RMB spent in 2020 for the Education market
higgher education

Make a success of your recruitment campaign

In this guide, we share recent statistics regarding the education market in China and what percentage it represents. We also offer some advice on how to reach this Chinese audience.

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China Marketing Strategy

Organized around our customer experience workshop series, our team of marketing consultants is working with your team to frame your ambition and create your marketing play book for the Chinese Market. 


Social Media Marketing

We bring ideas, craft contents, and potentially disseminate them on the web and social media, with and for your team. We help you define the strategy you should adopt for your Chinese audience and create memorable stories.


Marketing Retainer

Our team setup and manage your social CRM, drive new traffic and activate your social media through a retainer of mini campaigns. We organize the content creation and work closely with your team. 


Marketing Campaign

We pitch innovative digital campaigns. We plan for you the content creation required to run mandatory activations following your guidelines and leveraging existing assets.



Growth strategy

Chinese digital ecosystem is wide and complex. It's only by knowing your brand footprint, knowing your real competitors and by choosing the most suitable platforms that you will have better chance to succeed your market entry in China.


Social Media Management

Disseminate pertinent content, on platforms that matter to your audience, at the right moment We execute precision marketing. ​Like a conductor, we orchestrate all your platforms and harmonize your brand image



Audience's attention is the most sought-after, the most expensive to buy. ​It is laborious to constantly want to stand out in this competitive environment. ​We work with you to decide the best moment for you to be memorable to your audience.​


Benoit Raoult

CEO & Founder

A Chinese legend says Benoit never sleep. When he is not managing Duhno, he must be somewhere else giving a speech, attending an exhibition or learning new skills. After 12 years in China, Benoit learnt how to guide top companies to seduce Chinese consumers. He is experienced with High Education and managed projects such as Rennes School of Business campaigns.



Rennes School Of Business

Rennes School of Businesses (RBS) is considered to be the most international School of Management in Europe. RBS developed trust with local Chinese universities but did not developed an online presence to develop trust with Chinese students.They wanted to build a positive brand image, collect data and drive traffic towards their website.

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"Thank you Duhno, your team has been fantastic! Looking at our School from China perspective is really helpful."

Director General, Rennes School Of Business


Video games
Packaged goods

About Duhno

Duhno is a digital marketing agency based in Shanghai specialized in developing digital footprint and inbound marketing techniques in China. Duhno helps you define the strategy you should adopt for your Chinese audience and create memorable stories to make your brand’s character famous.

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