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% salary increase in 2020


China Marketing Strategy

Organized around our Customer Experience workshop series, our team of marketing consultants work with your team to frame your ambition and create your marketing playbook for the Chinese Market. 

Social Media Marketing

The Duhno team is bringing ideas, crafting contents, and potentially disseminating then on the web and social media, with and for your team. We help you define the strategy you should adopt for your Chinese audience and create memorable stories.

Marketing Activation Retainer

Our team will setup and manage your social CRM, drive new traffic and activate your social media through a retainer of mini campaigns. We organize the content creation and working closely with your team. 

Marketing Activation Campaign

The creative & marketing Duhno teams are pitching your innovative digital campaigns. We plan for you the content creation required to run mandatory activations following your guidelines and leveraging existing assets.

Benoit Raoult

CEO & Founder

A Chinese legend says Benoit never sleeps. When he is not managing Duhno, he must be somewhere else giving a speech, attending an exhibition or learning new skills. After 12 years in China, Benoit learnt how to guide top companies to seduce Chinese consumers. He is an expert in IP Licensing and Video Games and directed projects such as Tuzki, Powerpuff Girls, Westworld, Outfit 7 and Ubisoft.


Loacker Gnome


Loacker is an Italian wafers and chocolate producer. Loacker’s brand awareness was low in China and they were not on Chinese social media. For them, we developed an entire marketing strategy including social media marketing, activation retainer and activation campaign.

kai panholzer

"Great to see China growing 57% YTD in Q1! Also, the impact of a “slightly revised” set-up in China."

Kai Panholzer
Managing Director Sales & Marketing, Loacker


Video games

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About Duhno

Duhno is a brand mascot marketing agency based in Shanghai specialized in developing digital footprint and inbound marketing techniques in China. Duhno helps you define the strategy you should adopt for your Chinese audience and create memorable stories to make your brand’s character famous.

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