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As Chinese Market Experts, we understand your marketing challenges and we equip you with the best innovative ideas and pragmatic solutions


Market Research

You want to enter the Chinese market or you are already in China ?

Before taking any further action, it is wise to make some market study, not only about how your product is positioned but also where your competitors are.

The more knowledge you have about the market the better you will be able to create your strategy.

With our desk research expertise and our know-how, we are able to bring advanced strategies to increase your chance of success in China


Inspired from Design thinking methodology, we can execute various workshops with your team:

- Persona Creation 

- Customer Journey

- Key Message

- Marketing Playbook

What comes out of these deep thinking projects are a definite plan for the next steps, recommendation and impactul value propositions


Customer Profiling

Bind your CRM to China's biggest social media platform. Know your audience, offer what they need, increase your conversion performance

Social CRM allow companies to collect data from their users, access a large range of insights and develop advocacy and create better communications.

Let's work together to build your success story

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