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Paid Social

Speed up your sales in a smart way, with the best ROI thanks to paid social strategy.

China has its own social network platforms; each of them has a specific purpose and its own integrated paid advertising process.

A Brand should always choose wisely where he want to appear as the platform can influence the image and the position of the brand.

When executed correctly, Brands can reach a large target audience through paid ads and they can also significally boost their traffic and leads

The cost of advertising can vary significantly from a platform to another, this is also why having a local marketing partner becomes handy. 


Are you showing up in Chinese Search Engines ?
SEO |  Search Engine Optimization, is how you appear in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your brand in the organic results of a search engine. A good SEO will allow you to appear easier when a potential customer is looking for you.


SEM | Search Engine Marketing 
Also called paid SEO, SEM is the same process, but through paid search ads. SEM is a shortcut to be easily visible in the oversaturated online market.
Having the right SEM strategy can allow you to target thoroughly your audience through different touch points and all the way through their customer journey.


Put your brand under the spotlight !
More and more Chinese consumers rely on KOL/KOC to make their purchasing decisions.

This is also why you should consider KOL/KOC Campaigns in your marketing strategy to reach your target audience 
Chinese people rely on word-of-mouth and recommendations from their peer they trust to make their purchase decision

Influencers in China generate a monetary value thanks to their collaborations with Brands and through their Channels  

Duhno selects the most suitable KOL/KOC to promote your Brand !


Online Marketing Campaign

Running campaign is a good way to communicate your brand key message on a wider range, to your potential customers

However, the right channel with an integrated marketing strategy is key to succeed your campaign in China


Offline Advertising

China's demand for Elevators is growing steadily. In 2019 only, 600.000 elevators were installed.

Most people in China live in Apartments that come with a lift

We don't know where people are going during  the day neither what they do, but one thing is sure at some point they will enter a building and take the lift at least 6 times a day.

making lifts the perfect Offline Channel to advertise your brand


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