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Create engagement . Build relationship . Drive more sales

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Disseminate pertinent content, on platforms that matter to your audience, at the right moment 


We execute precision marketing. ​

Like a conductor, we orchestrate all your platforms and harmonize your brand image

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Ask yourself :​

What is the purpose of your contents ?​

Create unique content and tailored experience​

Is your content engaging to your audience ?​

Mobilize our inbound​ marketing experts

Do you have good engagement rate on posts ?​

Get real data, analyze and repeat/improve​


We cover the platforms that matter the most for your brand

Social media

Wechat . Zhihu . Weibo . RED . Douyin

Baidu ecosystem

Tieba . Baike . Zhidao

We deliver

Digital marketing plan

Existing follower base​ nurturing

Community management

content performance improvement

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